We welcome you at the sun-filled island of Tinos, for your early summer holidays. As the days get longer and the weather warmer, we receive the calling of nature. Wandering in the Cycladic light, we seek the warmth of the sun, as the wind assists our travels through the sea. Immersed in nature, Eleni and Miranda are organising an eight-day yoga holiday, topped with delicious vegetarian cuisine.
Inspired by and connected to the beautiful nature, we will harmonise our breathing, flow with the Asana practice and wander through the magical scenery of Tinos, leaving place also for relaxation and playful exploration. Ideal conditions lay out on a canvas of serenity, enabling us to listen to our inner voice and tune in to our internal rhythm, as well as connect with our deeper needs and desires.
During the eight-day yoga retreat we will share:
daily morning and afternoon practice
rejuvenating vegetarian cuisine
5 itineraries, visiting traditional villages and swimming on beautiful waters.
trekking on the path around the villages Volax and Agapi.
The accommodation will be left in the hands of “Anemismata Apartments”, and your yoga practice in the hands of “Yoga in Tinos”.
You are invited to experience their hospitality and share their holistic approach to life. �
Τhe registration package includes:- 7 night accommodation at Anemismata Apartments (shared accommodation)- 7 morning “Wind Element” Hatha Flow yoga practice (2 hours)- 7 sunset “Therapeutic/Restorative” yoga sessions (1 hour)- 1 trekking route along the path of Volax – Agapi- 5 all day visits to some of the unique villages and beaches of Tinos
14 vegetarian rejuvenating lunches (breakfast and dinner)
Transportations on the island.

Does not include:
– Transportation to and away from Tinos.
– Manual Therapy/Massage.
– Lunch.

Tinos can be reached by boat from the two Athens ports, Piraeus and Rafina, and by the neighbouring island of Mykonos (20’ by ferry), which has an airport and receives numerous international flights and charter flights throughout the year.

Information and reservations:
Μiranda: +30 6937446222 / mirandaverouli@hotmail.com
Eleni: eleni_toli@hotmail.com

More information concerning the yoga instructors at: www.yogaintinos.com
See the apartments here: www.anemismata.gr
Payment Options
Occupancy rate for Greek participants: 635 Euros, available until April 1st, 2017. Afterwards, rate goes up to 715 Euros.
Occupancy rate for non-Greek participants: 735 Euros, available until April 1st, 2017. Afterwards, rate goes up to 815 Euros.

In case of cancellation a total refund can be given up to one month after booking and half thereafter. No refunds for cancellations in less than 30 days before the start of the retreat.
Participants will receive a detailed programme after booking.
The retreat has limited availability of up to 10 people.

Yoga Instructor: Eleni Toli, Υoga in Tinos – workshops & retreats.
Eleni was born in Athens a month and a half premature and weighed 2 kilograms. She took her first breath a little bit later than the normal. Through yoga she found her breath again. Eleni consider herself as a Bhakti yogini as she loves music and Ney. In 2013, she completed a 200h Yoga Teacher Training at NYSY Studios with Vivi Letsou (Anusara Yoga). Since then, she has attended seminars about various Yoga Schools such as Yoga Swings (Aerial Yoga), Yoga Kids (Rainbow Kids Yoga), Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Bhakti. Focused on her daily yoga practice, she lives on the island of Tinos with Giovani and their dog Riki (newcomer their baby Demian). She always dreams of destinations and has an endless thirst for exploration.
She is the founder of “yoga in Tinos” and welcomes you to our Tinos… a place where Air and Earth are merged. You chose the sun drenched island of Tinos for your summer or for your home and we wish to offer you a way to ‘travel’ into yoga practice, relaxation and the exploration of the island. Follow us on hidden natural treasures and practice with us. Let the modern distractions go, merge yourself with the nature. Join our daily sessions, workshops and Retreats, because Tinos is perfect vacation destination.

Host/Guide: Miranda Verouli, Tinos ReTreats.
Miranda is a musician, designer, physical education teacher, traveller, movie-buff, mom, yogini, and a polyglot. She is the Manager of “Anemismata Apartments”. In 2015, she founded “Tinos ReTreats”, aspiring to offer her guests a full Greek island experience, away from the beaten track, combined with various activities offered on the island.

Manual Therapy: Katerina Selenti
During the Retreat, the guests will have the chance to have Manual Therapy sessions (upon request / charged extra) by Katerina Selenti, a Physiotherapist and Manual Therapist.
Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) is a special part of Physiotherapy of rehabilitation of neuro – musculo – skeletal dysfunctions, that takes into consideration the clinical symptoms of the patient and uses specialised technical approaches, that include manipulation and therapeutic exercises.
Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) comprises all scientific advances, clinical proof and the bio – psychosocial background for every patient individually.